Feels Like 4…

14 degrees…weather app says “feels like 4.”

Friends gathered…food in abundance, a bit of guitar and piano under the vocals in the next room.  After all, this is Music City.

The notorious ball on the tv screen…a fresh log on the fire crackles, leading to thoughts of those cold tonight.

A day on the firewood ministry trail yesterday was, like most, a day filled with stories of great challenge and the most fundamental needs.  18 tender souls encamped on a hill on the edge of downtown, where the wind whips through to the core of those who call that empty lot home.   A man and his bride, both ailing in their later years, struggling to keep a modest home warm – ultimately grateful for strangers stopping by to share a few caring words and carry a few more logs to their fireplace.  A lone soul in a quiet tent behind a bustling restaurant where a much-needed meal is but steps and dollars out of reach.   And a young family living primitively in a home of no electricity, domestic water, or septic …where the only light and warmth comes from the small wood stove by the door…and from within their quiet prayers for mercy and provision.

As we anticipate 2018, remember those with the most fundamental needs.   And if you’re looking for something to resolve as to your own purpose and accountability, consider charity and kindness for our most vulnerable.

If you need a recommendation as to how you can get involved and lend support to those among us who endure cold and hunger, drop me a note.  I’m happy to help you make connections, wherever you may be.









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