Day 1: Freddie & Malachi

I have had the privilege of meeting a lot of interesting people and public figures in Nashville – often entertainers, but also media personalities, politicians, and prominent business figures.  Those can be fun and interesting, but it’s truly special when I meet one who is using their platform to better the world around them.  So it goes with Freddie Scott II – former Penn State and NFL player, now speaker, evangelist, mentor to men, and dedicated father.  I am blessed by his friendship and kindness.

Freddie co-leads M46 Project, which serves to create deeper connections between fathers and their children.  It is rooted in Malachi 4:6 (ESV), which teaches us “He shall turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers…”

(Of note, the rest of the verse is “…lest I come and strike the land with a decree of utter destruction.”  It is said that the Hebrew term for decree of utter destruction refers to the destruction of those things set apart from God.)

Freddie’s M46 project provides a number of simple tools and resources to help dads become better fathers, to create routine and intention around teaching and guiding our children, and to create discipline around fathering our children with scriptural foundation and emphasis.

One of the tools M46 Project provides is a 30-day challenge that includes daily lessons for fathers and their children.  With Freddie’s generous permission, I’m choosing to share my take on each of those lessons and my prayer for my daughter here, with hope that some of you may find all of this helpful and pick up the challenge for your own family.

And so…thank you, Freddie!

Day 1

“My son, hear the instruction of thy father, and forsake not the law of thy mother: for they shall be an ornament of grace unto thy head, and chains about thy neck.”  Proverbs 1:8-9

M46 Project Challenge:  Be intentional today and remind your children of your roll to lovingly guide your children, and provide unwavering support to their mother.

Prayer:  Heavenly Father, give me the wisdom to teach Mabry your ways, and the ability to support and partner with Karey in providing instruction and guidance.  Help me to glorify and exemplify you in thought, word, and deed and to teach by example that you and you alone are the guiding light of purpose and truth in this world.  And help Mabry’s mind and heart to remain open and yours, always.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Thoughts:  Fellas…As we run through the frenetic pace of each day, do we stop and seize those teachable moments adequately?  Are we Christ-centered in our decisions and advice to our children – whether with regard to school, relationships, or on the ball field?  Do we teach from a perspective of wisdom and purpose, slowing long enough to resolve the immediate question or challenge, but with an eye toward how our guidance will affect their future thinking and actions…including how our example will influence their own future as parents?  What else do we do each day or any day that is more important than stopping to adequately teach our children as they face the challenges and temptations of the world around them?

Thanks for taking a few minutes here today.  I hope you’ll come back!  In Day 2, we will consider Proverbs 3:25-26.  See ya’ then.

Keep it Lit,


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  1. Good daddy! In memory of EZ. Five years ago this weekend. Thanks be to God!

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