Extreme Humanity Revisited


Reposting this writing from earlier this year.  I had the occasion to visit with Cree recently and was struck by his continued THANKFULNESS for all of the BLESSINGS he recognizes in his life.  

Cree’s life is one of extreme difficulty augmented by extreme love.   He and his momma both are angels – and, in fact,  he may be tougher than most any man I’ve known.

Cree and his momma need our prayers right now.  Prayers for his comfort, her discernment, and their mutual assurance.    IGBOK.

Let’s get busy.   Read below.  Watch the video.   Pray for them.  

Thank you.  


My good friend Pastor Paul sent this YouTube link to me.  He posted it with the permission of Cree to tell his story.  I hope you’ll invest the time to watch it in its entirety, as it’s filled with remarkable lessons for us all.


Cree has lived this way for 41+ years.  Note that I didn’t say that he has “existed” this way – no, he has LIVED.  Despite his numerous and formidable challenges, he is squarely focused on his many blessings and seizes every opportunity to try to help others find the many blessings among their own challenges.

Imagine if we all had Cree’s determination to find the good in every moment.

Peace, Y’all.  Be like Cree.


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