Happy Thanksgiving, All.

Indeed, we are all fortunate.  And yet I wonder if we ever spend enough time recognizing and giving thanks for all that is good, as we live in a world that seems to delight in highlighting adversity.  Reflecting on that, I made a list of my top fifty-one blessings. 

I’m thankful for…

1.  Jesus

2.  My bride

3.  My daughter

4.  Freedom to worship

5.  Freedom to speak

6.  Freedom to assemble

7.  Veterans

8.  A warm home

9.  A full pantry

10.  The opportunity to work

11.  Good friends who are bold men of example

12.  Opportunities to serve others in need

13.  Sight

14.  Sound

15.  Touch

16.  Laughter

17.  Writing

18.  Music’s emotion

19.  The vivid tremolo of hope in a child’s laugh

20.  Family meals

21.  Holiday traditions

22.  Hugs

23.  Colors

24.  Nighttime

25.  Morning light

26.  Loyal dissent

27.  Four seasons

28.  Baristas

29.  Bacon

30.  Good Samaritans

31.  Grandparents

32.  Teachers like Pete Fernley, Fran Drake, Mike McDonald, and Tom DeCoster

33.  Leaders like Russ and Luke

34.  The library (one in particular)

35.  Smiles

36.  Bobby McFerrin

37.  Faith

38.  Hope

39.  My mistakes

40.  Warm clothes and shoes

41.  Dogs

42.  Chips

43.  Cookies

44.  My education

45.  My experiences – good or bad

46.  Today’s memories

47.  Tomorrow’s purpose and opportunities

48.  Cheetos

49.  Life

50.  Love

51.  You

So, consider this…what’s on your list?

If you were fortunate enough to be able to celebrate with a Thanksgiving feast, I suspect your list is as lengthy and diverse as mine.  Celebrate it all.  And give thanks like never before – today and all days.

Keep it Lit, Y’all –


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6 Responses to Thankful

  1. says:

    Well said but would replace Cheetos with Loris crackers.
    Also, with all the challenges we face, I would still list America as the bright spot for others.

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    • tedrick71 says:

      Thanks, Jeff! No doubt, Ms Lori makes some AWESOME crackers! And I agree with you on America, of course – hence, my reference to our Veterans and the freedoms they’ve defended. Hopefully, Jesus and America are bright spots for all. Sounds like you’re off to a great start with your list – excellent!! Best to you all – hope you’re enjoying the weekend.

  2. You are a beacon of light, love and humour, TJ. God bless you and yours

  3. Dave McClung says:

    Ted-miss working with you sir but so thankful I am able to enjoy your wit and wisdom again in Conspicuous Candor. All the the best to you and your family during this time of Thanksgiving and the upcoming celebration of Christ’s birth.

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