That Day; This Day

Once again, I boarded a flight today on the anniversary of the day that the hidden enemy of terror attacked us on our own soil. The Enemy stole the lives of many that day and forever affected the lives of far more. And yet, it did not take our freedom nor impair our resolve that we are and will remain free.
I originally posted this a year ago, but thought I would share it again today. My hope is that you pause, reflect, and remember. Always.


For many of us, September 11th is a day to pause and remember.  In all likelihood, it’s hard for most of us to imagine that 12 years have passed since that previously unfathomable day in our history.

Yet, for others, every single day is a day to remember September 11th.  Every day is “another day after” that life-altering day.

For many of us, the initial shock and pain of that horrific attack somehow numbs a bit over time.  Birthdays, holidays, and life events have come and gone.  And the evening news has moved on time and again to report the latest dribble of today’s “journalism” – whether the rise and fall of the economy, elections that have come and gone, the fighting of two wars, or the contemplation of yet another attempt at resolving conflict by combat.

For others, the shock and pain remains.  Those others are the husbands, wives…

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  1. says:

    As always, your comments are right on the mark. We must never forget.

    Jeff Rydburg
    VP Support Services Group
    HCA Physician Services
    One Maryland Farms
    Building One, Suite 300
    Brentwood, TN 37027
    Ofc: 615-373-7415

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