My Journey @ SBX

One of the cool things about Nashville is the music.  And one of the really cool things about the music is the people who make it.  They’re everywhere, and yet they tend to blend in.  More often than not, they’re just part of the crowd – but there, if you pay attention.

Earlier today, I was sitting in line at the local Starbucks drive-thru (yes, shocking to some of you who know me, right?).  Having just left an early morning meeting at a local school, my family was in the car directly behind me.  I guess we all decided to have a morning beverage before heading into our respective occupational and educational destinations of the day.

So, it’s a beautiful Spring morning – worthy of the sunroof being open with the windows down just a bit.  Oh, and a bit of music, of course – Journey’s Greatest Hits.  Unusual only in that, while a fan, I almost always listen to XM63 on the way in each morning.

So, I’m sitting there…listening…enjoying that Spring has sprung…loving the breeze…while one of Journey’s greatest hits rambles along.  I’m probably tapping along…it’s all good, right?  Here I am…in line at Starbucks…Monday is off to a solid start…and I’m thinking about the week.  I’m gonna take the hill.

About that time, one of the founding members of Journey exits the Starbucks and walks right in front of my truck and over to his car.  It matters not which member of Journey it was – no need to compromise his privacy.  The point is, there he was – and I’m listening to his music with my family within reach – and we’re long-time fans.

Was I a bit star-struck?  Maybe for a moment.  I didn’t jump out of the truck or do anything crazy.  But I did regret, for a moment, that I didn’t get the opportunity to tell him how much I appreciate his work.

And yet, throughout the day, I kept coming back to that moment.  Something wasn’t sitting right.  And then it dawned on me.

He’s just a guy who happens to play music well.  Just like each of us are just guys and ladies who happen to do “stuff” well.  What if he had really been someone important?  What if he had been The One Important?  Would I have been so quick to recognize Him and so eager to engage?

In Matthew 6:21, we are taught “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  Hmmm.

The fact is, I missed the song.  It wasn’t the self-proclaimed “Greatest Hits” – rather, it was the sun, birds, and morning breeze brought to me – to us – by the most masterful artisan of all.  And yet, I was far from centered on giving thanks.

So, as we go through each of our days and tap along to the soundtrack of life…the chaos, distractions, and all that is blaring…are we aware of the truly great production and our role in it?  And are we giving thanks for the real gifts of the day?  And, when we are right there…in the moment…and have an opportunity to pause before Him…will we (I) be so eager to recognize Him?

The Good News is this.  He’s everywhere – not just Nashville.  Better than XM, He’s always on, has no signal trouble, and it’s a two-way transmission.  24/7/365.  Not sure?  Listen for the whisper.

While I may have enjoyed telling that well-known musician how much I appreciated his work, that’s really not necessary.

I’m better off focusing on His work in me and my work through Him – and giving thanks and glory to God from whom all blessings flow.  Each day I can find the Good News in the moment at hand is a truly great day…better than Starbucks on a Monday morning.

Don’t Stop Believin’.



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2 Responses to My Journey @ SBX

  1. p8tn18 says:

    Journey, yeah…glad that you,Karey and Mabry had that moment. Life in Nashville certainly has it’s perks. You never quite know who you’re gonna see. In the most least expected place too…..another great read my friend. Love ya……PLEE

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