pay UP!

If you haven’t read Steve Farber’s “The Radical Leap Re-Energized” – what are you waiting for?

Steve’s writing is interesting.  In a rather non-traditional format, he delivers spot-on leadership principles that can (and should) be applied to daily life.  I first read his work a few years ago and was so moved and inspired that I reached out to him.  Today I consider it a blessing to call Steve a friend.

Earlier this week, I received one of Steve’s emails about some of his latest work.  He included a link to his own blog and encouraged all of us fortunate to be receiving his message to check out an embedded video featuring Tommy Spaulding at one of Steve’s recent conferences.  I won’t spoil the story for you, as I truly hope you’ll invest the time to view it on your own – it’s worth every moment.  Take a look…here’s the link:

I’m struck by the intimacy and honesty of Tommy’s story.  If we received that call, how would we react?  Would our preconceived notions prevent us from a lives-changing experience?

Indeed, we are all so incredibly blessed and fortunate.  And yet, with more, we can do more.  Farber pegs it when he says, “Pay up by passing forward.”

As Tommy notes in his message, everyone deserves a second chance.  He goes on to observe that “Redemption is the most beautiful form of love.”  (No doubt!)  And he reminds us that, regardless of the past, “You are forgiven.  (Amen!)

Elisabeth Kuebler-Ross may as well have been speaking of Ethan when she said, The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of the depths.  These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep loving concern.  Beautiful people do not just happen.”

So, Friends…are we paying it forward?  And, if so, are we doing so with sufficient vigor?  To me, the very premise of Farber’s “GTY” carries a boldness that betters us all for sake of being confronted with it:
That is…What is your legacy?  And, is it Greater Than Yourself?

Get busy.  Beautiful people do not just happen.”

pay UP!

Keep it Lit.



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  1. says:

    Ted…what a read and a good listen! Inspiring…

    Best regards,

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  2. Inspiring. Keep ’em coming, TJ

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