Got Service?

On December 31st, I wrote about “2013 Acts…”.

Then in the jet-wash of a horrific national tragedy, some had suggested that we commit “26 Acts” of random kindness in remembrance of those lost.  I submitted that, perhaps, we could go beyond 26 and develop a habitual commitment to service and random kindness toward others.

And so, it’s now 59 days later.  With the closing of February and the turning of the proverbial page into March, roughly 17% of 2013 is in the history books.  And I wonder…

Did each of us make it to 26?  How many of us have gone beyond?  Do we have any new “habits”?

Food for thought.



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1 Response to Got Service?

  1. The Lenten season is a wonderful time to reflect upon the fact that all of our days are numbered. As my late mother-in-law Joan used to say with great humor, “none of us are getting out of here alive”. That said, let’s make every single day of our lives count. God bless you, Ted.

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