Feb 9: On this day in history…

Feb 9, 1825 – the US House of Representatives breaks an Electoral College tie by voting John Quincy Adams President of the United States.

Feb 9, 1895 – William Morgan invents volleyball.

Feb 9, 1900 – The Davis Cup is established.

Feb 9, 1943 – the end of the Battle of Guadalcanal.

Feb 9, 1964 – the Beatles appear on The Ed Sullivan Show before a tv audience of 73M.

Feb 9, 1965 – the first US troops are sent into South Vietnam.

Feb 9, 1969 – the first test flight of the Boeing 747.

Feb 9, 1971 – the Sylmar Earthquake hits the San Fernando Valley area of California.

Feb 9, 1971 – Satchel Paige is first Negro League player voted into Baseball Hall of Fame.

Feb 9, 1975 – the Soviet Soyuz 17 spacecraft returns to Earth.

Feb 9, 1989 – Boy meets girl during a rare visit to the high school library.  Random meeting turns into a rather extended conversation.  A phone number is given.  A call made; a date secured – dinner at Spinnaker’s, followed by a movie (yes, “Working Girl” – her choice, for sure).  A couple of proms, two high school graduations, a myriad of college formals and other festive celebrations follow.  Then two college graduations and, shortly thereafter, a wonderful wedding.  Careers…grad school for both – one in the classroom, the other in a Best Supporting role…the blessing of a child…advancements…transfers…now four states, five homes, and almost 18 years married.  A God-filled home.  Blessings in abundance…beyond any reasonable measure.  Awe-struck then…and still today.

A moment in time can change your life forever.  Live wide awake. 

Pay attention.

Listen to the whisper.

Remember the moments that count.



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