Coffee Talk

“Come together.”

Two simple words.  Logical.  Understandable.  Yet are they achievable?

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has directed his 120 stores in the Metro DC area to write those words on each of the cups they dispense – in a simple, organized, peaceful way to encourage Congress to “come together” to address the fiscal cliff.  Kudos to Howard – I’ve always liked his style.

That said…I’d like to believe that our “leaders” are capable of having a lucid, pragmatic conversation of compromise over a simple cup of java, yet I’m not sure that the greatest espresso could budge the cranial constipation of today’s Executive and Legislative branches of the US Government.

The reality is that we have bullheaded selfishness on both sides of the aisle – with little hope of meaningful compromise on this, or any other issue of substance.  Yet, we are frustrated with them when, in fact, they serve because of our own (in)action.  We voted for them.  In some cases, we even re-elected them.  We invited them to represent US.

Anyone who knows me is aware that I’ve tried Starbucks…a time or two.  Some may even say I’m a bit of a fan.  And, while that may be true, I tend to think of Starbucks as a place to go for a well-earned break and a treat.  I’m not sure Congress (or any elected official in DC) qualifies for a “well-earned break.”

I hope they do “come together.”  I’d like to believe that they can and will work it out with a bit of “coffee talk.”  I’m not sure, though, that they’ll be entirely productive if they only talk to each other.

And so…whatever your view…whichever side you sit on…BE HEARD.  Hold ’em accountable.  Write to them.  Call their offices.  Speak to their staffers.  Make sure your voice is heard so, perhaps, the true will of the people is represented.

Yes, Come Together.


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