I’m glad you’re here…

Welcome to ConspicuousCandor!  I’m glad you’re here.

So…why a blog?

Many of you know I gave up FB recently – too much negativity, too intrusive, and too time-consuming.  Simply, the cost exceeded the value.

Yet, I miss sharing ideas with you – and hearing from you.

Speaking of hearing from you…I hope you’ll give me your feedback.  Comments are welcome!  Please share your thoughts.

And so, here goes. Thanks for checking out ConspicuousCandor. I hope you’ll come back often.  If you’d like to keep up with my random ramblings, please take a moment to sign up to “follow” ConspicuousCandor while you’re here.



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6 Responses to I’m glad you’re here…

  1. ksspice says:

    Hope all is well and you had a blessed Christmas with family and friends. OB

  2. Big T, hey man it’s god to hear from you and your new location to check in. I trust you and the family are doing well in your new location and making an impact on the lives around you. I’m planning on calling you this week. – Peace DA (#rvaunited)

  3. This is wonderful, TJ. You’ve inspired me to create my own. I’m working on that. Faith means taking risks to make the world a better place. Stay tuned!

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